Hand Card

A hand card is a tool used to clean fiber from the teeth of a wire covered roll. The rolls could be mounted in a card or be outside the card in a frame as shown in the picture. The hand card consists of two parts: (1) the metal body and handle, and (2) the insert. The insert is basically a piece of canvas with hundreds of wires sticking through it. The wires are bent so they grab fibers. Hand cards used improperly can be very dangerous. Here are a few safety tips.

  1. Never use a hand card on a carding machine that is being powered. Stop the machine and turn the rolls by hand.
  2. Never try to hand card against the wire. Always pull the hand card in the same direction the card wire teeth are pointing.
  3. Never leave a hand card lying on the carding machine. Put up the hand card in a safe place away from the carding machine.
  4. Use safety glasses when using a hand card.

Hand cards and inserts can be purchased from the vendors that sell card wire and also some carding machine and carding machine parts suppliers.

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