Crosslapper Folds

A fold is made of two layers of web. Thus a fold is one passage of the bottom crosslapper carriage out and back. To make a good crosslapper batt the sides of the folds need to align on top of each other. As the floor apron moves forward, the carriage will lay the webs in a zigzag across the floor apron. Usually it is pos-sible to adjust the speed of the floor apron to control the amount of overlap or underlap of the webs. If there is too much overlap it produces heavy streaks in the batt. If there is underlap then there are starved areas in the batt. Of course the more folds there are the slower the batt will exit the crosslapper. Most non-woven lines have various stretching machines between the crosslapper and the winder. These machines diminish the appearance of the crosslapper zigzag marks.


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