Stripper Plate, Bed Plate

Fiber is contained between two plates as it progresses through the needle loom. These are called the stripper plate and the bed plate. Since looms can be down-punch, up-punch, or both ; we will define stripper plate and bed plate with respect to the movement of the needles. The stripper plate is the one the needles go through first. The bed plate is the one the needles go through after they have passed through the fiber. The bed plate holds the fiber as the needle passes through it. The stripper plate removes the fiber as the needles pull out of the fiber. The picture on the top left shows a preneedle loom with the stripper plate on top and the bed plate on the bottom. There are two pictures of a stripper plate showing the hole pattern. Of course these holes have to line up with the needles and they also have to be the same in both plates and the plates have to very accurately line up with each other. The picture on the bot-tom right is of a quad loom having both up-punch and down-punch, so the plates would be de-fined by which boards they are in reference to.

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