Take-Off Roll

Somehow we have to get fiber out of the card. The drawing and picture show a simple take-off roll that accomplishes this.. The fiber comes up the bottom of the doffer and is knocked off the doffer teeth by the teeth on the take-off roll. The take-off roll teeth are special in that they have no direction. They are little triangles with the angle the same on both sides of the tooth allowing the fiber to fall off the tooth onto the conveyor. This is known as “humbug” wire. Some take-off devices use a fluted roll instead of a wire covered roll. In the picture you see a brush on top of the roll to catch wraps and stray fibers. If the brush wraps it hits a switch that stops the card. This card also has a vibrating comb in front of the take-off roll to insure that the web comes off smoothly.

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  1. Steve Greenough

    You have done a good job of explaining the way fiber is worked through the card. Keep up the good work.

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