Workers and Strippers: Overview

It is going to take several pages to define workers and strippers. They are the rolls that accomplish most of the combing (carding) action in a card. In this picture we show the workers and strippers on the breast section of a card Notice the fiber is clumpy. The worker combs the fiber off the breast cylinder and the stripper snatches the fiber off the worker and puts it back on the breast. The workers have a lot of fiber on them and they turn slowly. The strippers have less fiber and they turn much faster. When the stripper takes fiber off the worker it stretches out the fibers; thus the clumps are stretched out into longer and thinner and more open clumps of fiber. This process continues over and over until the clumps are smoothed out. When the fibers are smoothed out and the size of the clumps reduced significantly, the fiber can then pass on to the next section of the card which is the finish section.


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