This is a picture of a yoke on a Spinnbau card. The yoke is a Y-shaped piece of metal. Workers and strippers are mounted to the card by yokes. The bearing for the roll sits in the yoke and a cap holds the bearing in the yoke. The yoke has a big bolt that goes through the middle of it to attach the yoke to the arch of the card. You can see that the bolt in the yoke goes through the yoke and clamps into a slot in the arch. At the bottom of the yoke is a threaded rod that also goes through the arch. This rod has two adjusting nuts that enable the yoke to move up and down. This is how the distance be-tween the roll and the main cylinder is set. There are also bolts on each side of the yoke. They can move the roll slightly back and forth to adjust the distance to the roll beside it. The bolts and nuts on the yoke must be very secure to prevent the roll from moving.


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