A Pre-Opener is typically the first opening machine fiber passes through after leaving the balefeeds.  The purpose of the Pre-Opener is twofold.  1. It begins the mixing process.  Often fiber coming from the fiber conveyor, located under the exit end of the balefeeds, is composed of dissimilar fibers.  These fibers may even be different colors.  The fiber is dropped in layers by the balefeeds as the fiber conveyor indexes past the balefeeds.  The Pre-Opener chops through this “sandwich” of fibers and does a fair job of mixing the fibers.

2.  The Pre-Opener begins the process of opening the large tufts of fiber coming from the balefeeds.  The machine following the Pre-Opener is usually some type of Fine Opener.  The Fine Opener could not perform its intended purpose if the Pre-Opener was not there to start the opening process.  Pre-Openers can be stand alone machines or they may be attached to the fiber conveyor.  Depending on the characteristics of the fiber to be opened, the cylinder of the Pre-Opener may be covered with spikes or coarse wire.  The Pre-Opener is doffed by a suction fan.

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