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Having been in plant maintenance for 35 years, I know that the best maintenance tool for any plant is a good computerized maintenance management system. I have partnered with what I consider is the best. Click below to get started.

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Nonwoven Tools has partnered with a company called Maintenance Assistant to provide a computerized maintenance management system for not only nonwoven companies, but for any manufacturing company. Nonwoven Tools has an extensive background that can help you begin and implement a CMMS in your company.

  • Do you want a program that has tons of help and videos to assist with implementation and training?
  • How about a program that works on computers, tablets, and smart phones?
  • Does cost matter to you? Their subscription method allows you to purchase only what you need.
  • Are you paying big bucks every year or two to upgrade your current system? Not with Maintenance Assistant.

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Find out why more than 25,000 companies have switched to or implemented Maintenance Assistant.

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When I found Maintenance Assistant in 2013, I realized that they were providing the type of CMMS I was looking for.

Don Hindman, CEO of Nonwoven Tools