Needle Board Repair

Do you have boards with bad rubber or bowed boards? Omega Engineered Technologies, a sister company of Nonwoven Tools, can help.

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Omega offers the following services:

  1. Omega needles boards. This includes painting, stenciling, and needling boards for new installations. Repairing boards with needle damage, whether they need 100 or 5,000 needles. Quick response for major crashes. Rotation programs.
  2. Omega recovers boards. Do not throw away a board with a worn or damaged covering. Omega can recover boards with polyurethane, nylon, and other types of plastic. This can be done for about 1/3 the cost of a new board.
  3. Omega can straighten boards. Over time, boards often develop a bow that makes it difficult to put them in the loom. Omega can straighten most boards.
  4. Omega can clean up the edges of old boards. If you have aluminum boards that have worn edges, we can make them usable again.

We can also provide you with a great Microsoft Access database program for keeping track of all your needle boards and documenting repairs to them.

Need a quote?

Omega’s services are marketed through the Louis P. Batson Company. Please contact Chris Smith at 864-242-5262 for a quote.

Removing Impacted Needles


This video provides instruction on how to remove impacted needles from needle boards.
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